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Cottenham Village College,
High Street,
Cambridge, CB24 8UA

Principal: Zoe Andrews

Telephone: 01954 288 944 Email:

Student enquiries to

Attendance to

Reception deals with enquiries from parents/carers or other members of the public,  who will forward the query to the most relevant member of staff. 

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Academic Year 2021-22

Leadership Team and Heads of Year

Updated 10.2.2022

Mrs Andrews Principal
Mrs Goudie Vice Principal
Miss Parker Assistant Principal
Mr Crisford Assistant Principal
Mrs McKeand Assistant Principal
Mr Cassidy Vice Principal
Miss Hadley Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mr Purser Head of Year 7
Mr Holt Head of Year 8 & KS3 Progress Leader
Mr Need Head of Year 9
Mr Abbott Head of Year 10 & KS4 Progress Leader
Mr Kirby Head of Year 11
Mrs O’Mullane Principal’s PA

Pastoral Support

Miss Cockrill KS3 Pastoral & Behaviour Coordinator
Mrs Stearn KS4 Pastoral & Behaviour Coordinator
Mrs Cornwell Pupil Premium & Student Support Coordinator
Miss Thompson Pastoral Coordinator

Student Services

Miss Halsey Welfare & Attendance and Student Services Manager
Mrs Phipps Attendance Assistant Extension 1762
Mrs Messal First Aid /Admin Assistant Extension 1749
Mrs Shaw Reception (8.00am to 4.00pm Monday to Thursday, 8.00am to 3.30pm Friday) 01954 288944

Key Staff Contacts

Mr Quinn Operations Manager
Mrs Kean SENCO
Mrs D LeBrun The Deaf Support Centre
Mrs Scully Careers Co-ordinator
Ms Fisher Librarian
Mrs Lowen Data, MIS and Examinations Manager
Ms Randall Examination Co-ordinator
Mrs Swain Finance Office (invoicing and external room hire bookings)
Mr Williams IT Manager & Cambridgeshire Hub
Mrs Wilkinson Finance Manager Cambridgeshire Hub

Form Tutors 2020-2021

Year 7 Year 8
  • 7K –Mrs S Meeds
  • 7L – Mrs N Bussingham & Mrs J Holmes
  • 7M –Mr W Mason
  • 7R – Mr D Mellon
  • 7S – Miss S J Oldfield
  • 7T – Mr B Haigh
  • 8K – Mrs S Starr & Miss C Moss
  • 8L – Mrs A Tyrrell
  • 8M – Miss L Braysher
  • 8R – Mrs C Thoday
  • 8S – Mr C Goodey
  • 8T – Mrs J Kiggin / Mr S Holmes
Year 9 Year 10
  • 9K – Mr S Denham
  • 9L – Mrs N Malcolm / Mrs K Thornton
  • 9M – Miss M Derrick
  • 9R – Mr M Stanford & Mrs K Lang
  • 9S – Mrs A Farzad
  • 9T – Mr B Langley
  • 10K – Mr Broomfield
  • 10L – Miss A Bishop
  • 10M – Mr C Crossland & Mr C Barton
  • 10R – Ms J Clyde
  • 10S – Mr L Whitehead
  • 10T – Mr G Small
Year 11 Pastoral
  • 11K – Miss C Manser / Mrs C Roth
  • 11L – Mr A Dunn
  • 11M – Mr R Griffiths
  • 11R – Miss A Walley
  • 11S – Mr N Morson
  • 11T – Mr C Garton
  • KS3 – Leah Cockrill
  • KS4 – Helen Stearn
  • Pupil Premium & Student Support Coordinator – Emma Cornwell
  • Pastoral Coordinator – Tilly Thompson