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Values & Ethos

We are an excellent college; we create a positive educational experience for all students which cultivates high self-esteem. We aim to ensure that all students are exposed to a curriculum which offers knowledge-rich learning opportunities, as well as a variety of curricular and extracurricular experiences, in order to prepare them for life beyond CVC.

Staff at Cottenham Village College are relentless in the development of their subject specialism in order to provide students with opportunities to fulfil their potential and to
achieve their personal best; we want all students to value and enjoy their learning. It is our mission, therefore, to ensure that every student is challenged and supported so that they might embrace a sense of ambition and achieve their potential. We value and celebrate the achievements of each pupil at the college.

We strive to instil positive values in our students, encouraging kindness, tolerance, generosity of spirit and mutual respect. We encourage them to be determined, confident and self-assured. We want them to express themselves, whilst recognising that with
freedom of expression, comes also responsibility for their thoughts, words and actions.

We believe in the equality of opportunity for all members of the school community. We aim to equip students with an awareness of our diverse society and to appreciate the value of difference. We make every effort to ensure that this ethos is reflected throughout practice at all times. We promote an environment at the College where equal opportunities permeate all aspects of school life. CVC is a place where all members of our school and wider community feel safe and respected.

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