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Why AQA GCSE Geography?

“Studying geography gives students the opportunity to travel the world via the classroom, learning about both natural and social sciences along the way. They will understand how geography impacts everyday life and discover the key opportunities and challenges facing the world. Students will also develop academic and life skills from writing, teamwork and communication to analytical skills.” (AQA Website, 2020)

Click here to drop into the AQA website and have a look at the GCSE specification ‘at a glance’.

In the lead up to the 2016 curriculum changes we opted to follow the new AQA Geography syllabus (8035) for three key reasons:

a) there were similarities with the WJEC course that we had taught for some years. We would be able to transfer geographical knowledge and understanding as well as resources to the new course.

b) At the time, it was thought that the syllabus brought together an interesting range of topics and ideas to study.

c) Many schools in the area showed an interest in the AQA syllabus from the outset. In the early stages a network of local geography departments started working together to plan and develop courses for the new syllabus.

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