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Remote Learning from 5th January 2021

Please follow this link to view the Remote Education Provision at Cottenham Village College


Please follow this link to view the information for ‘Step Away  From The Screen’ on a Wednesday after P4 during lockdown


How will my child access remote learning from 5th January 2021? 

This guidance is for all pupils, who will be educated from home from 5th January 2021.

The following arrangements have been put in place to support pupils’ learning:

  • All work for pupils will be set on Microsoft Teams.
  • Pupils will follow their usual timetable each day.
  • A copy of your child’s timetable is easily accessed from the parental Astrea App.
  • It is Week B from 5-8 January.
  • Pupils will need to join their Team which is for their usual class, at the time they would normally have a lesson.  (For example, if they have a history lesson at 9.05 they will need to open their history Team page at that time).
  • At the start of each lesson, work will either be published on Teams for pupils to complete or the teacher will start a ‘live’ lesson.

What will the delivery of the remote learning be like?

Overall, at least 60% of lessons will be ‘live’. These live lessons will be supplemented by work that prepares for, or builds upon, material delivered in ‘live’ lessons. For example, writing an assignment based on the material already covered in a live lesson.

Will there be differences in the remote learning depending on year group or subject?

There will be live lessons for all Year 10 examination courses. There will be live lessons at Key Stage 3 in the majority of lessons, but this is not always appropriate e.g. for practical PE lessons.

Guidance on how to join a ‘live’ lesson or access work on Teams is available here:
TEAMS – using Teams as a student.mp4

What are the timings for the school day?

Lesson 1: 09.05-10.05

Lesson 2: 10.05-11.05

Lesson 3: 11.25-12.25

Lesson 4 (Yr 7 & 9): 12.25-13.25

Lesson 4 (Yr 10 only): 13.05-14.05

Lesson 5: 14.05-15.05

Letter from Mrs Goudie, Assistant Principal, 5.1.2021

Letter from the Principal, 18.12.2020 – staggered return from 5 January 2021

Guide: How do I install my free student download of Microsoft Office

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