School Alerts

Student Leadership

There are several ways in which students can get involved in school life and shaping the culture and ethos of our school community.

Head Students 

We have appointed a diverse team of ten ‘Head Students’ from Year 11. Students had to apply for positions on the leadership team and put themselves through a rigorous selection process through a letter of applicatio and an interview with the Principal.

Our new team of leaders will represent the school community and try to take ideas from our School Council forward to make them a reality.

School Council

Our Head Students work alongside our School Council. This has representatives from across each year group. They meet regularly with the Student Leader and senior staff and their views are taken into account when making decisions.

If you would like to find out more about representing the school on the Council please let your form tutor know.

Sports Leadership

The PE department offer a variety of sports leadership experiences working with primary schools and with extra-curricular sports clubs. Please see Mrs Meeds, Head of PE, for more details on how to get involved in different leadership opportunities.

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