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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium budget is additional funding given to schools to support students on Free School Meals, Looked After Children and those children whose parents serve in the Armed Forces. Schools must report how they have used the pupil premium and the impact it has had on pupil progress.

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Reasons for the Pupil Premium:

  • Created to tackle ‘educational inequality’
  • Allocated to schools ‘in addition’ to their budget
  • Funding to tackle educational gaps caused by disadvantage, allowing schools to reach the students that need it most
  • A good education is the key to improving life chances

Schools are encouraged by the Department for Education to use the money to ‘narrow the gap’ in attainment between students in receipt of Free School Meals or those who are ‘Looked After’ as nationally there is a disparity between their attainment at GCSE and their peers.

The money is being used to help raise academic achievement as well as improve interactive and social skills.

Our principle aim at Cottenham Village College is to provide excellent teaching and learning opportunities for all of our pupils at Cottenham Village College, providing appropriate provision and support where needed for all student groups. We strive to offer an education which is underpinned by a challenging and accessible curriculum, robust learning support mechanisms and excellent pastoral care. The Pupil Premium funding focuses on the 7 building blocks as recommended by NFER.

Our current Pupil Premium outcomes are below:

1. Desired outcomes

A. Improve numeracy and literacy for PP in Year 7
B. Improved attainment and narrowing of gaps between the PP/SEND crossovers and their peers
C. Improved self-esteem leading to a reduction in behavioural referrals
D. Improved attendance


The Pupil Premium is used to provide additional support for our disadvantaged students and will be spent in key strategic areas:

Raising achievement and attainment:

  • Class-based interventions
  • Small group work and 1:1 work with the Pupil co-ordinator
  • Pupil co-ordinator, working closely with subject areas, to identify individual needs and implement appropriate support
  • Literacy and numeracy support
  • Catch up groups (yr 7)
  • Workshops provided by external providers
  • Homework support groups

Enrichment opportunities:

  • Extra-curricular events which promote confidence and self-esteem
  • Opportunities to learn beyond the classroom to promote independence and confidence and to acquire new (transferable) skills
  • Access to educational visits and social events (including activities week and specialist educational trips e.g. Tall Ships, D of E)
  • Access to after school clubs and sporting events e.g. transport home, funding for equipment (such as food items for cookery club)

Pastoral care:

  • Daily support as needed from the form tutor
  • tutor group weekly activities including support for literacy and numeracy (small group work)
  • PSHE activities to extend personal skills and self esteem
  • Homework support
  • Developing positive relationships with others which, for example, promotes confidence in team work
  • Encouraging good attendance
  • Developing positive and constructive relationships with parents/carers which supports the pupil in their learning environmentOffers opportunities for careers and post 16 advice and guidance from our IAG officer and form tutors so that aspirations and ambitions are supported and encouraged
  • Uniform and necessary equipment support


Achievement, attainment and attendance are monitored and evaluated regularly by:

  • the Deputy Headteacher with responsibility for disadvantaged students,
  • SLT who line manage across all subject areas
  • Pupil Premium Co-ordinator
  • SENCo and SEN team
  • Senior teachers for KS3 and KS4 and HOY 7
  • subject teachers
  • form tutors
  • mentors

There is robust communication between our curriculum provision teams and pastoral support to ensure that all needs are met and that the necessary interventions are put in place. Go4Schools is used effectively to track and evaluate progress and to identify pupils who are underperforming in any subject area. It also allows tracking of pupil attainment against non–disadvantaged peers and against identified cohorts which highlights the effectiveness of support mechanisms and implemented interventions. Positive communication with parents/carers is valued highly in order to support each pupil effectively and purposefully; ‘live’ access to Go4Schools ensures that this communication is timely and current.

Pupil Premium Impact Statement will be updated soon.

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Please follow this link to download the form for Pupil Premium Funding Pupil-Premium-Funding PDF Word Template

Please click this link for our Pupil Premium Strategy Document