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Codes of Conduct

Codes of Conduct

The College expects all students to:

  • move about the school with awareness for others
  • keep the classrooms, corridors and outside areas clean
  • treat everybody with respect
  • respond appropriately to all reasonable requests
  • be punctual and bring the correct equipment

To view the PE department’s code of conduct please follow this link

Travel on school buses

Students have the right to a safe and secure journey to and from College each day. Students also have the responsibility to ensure that no individual or group of individuals infringes that right for others. Year 11 students in particular have a responsibility to ensure good order in an appropriate manner.

The College Code of Conduct extends to the journey to and from school.  Students:

  • must behave sensibly
  • should not eat or drink on the bus
  • should wear full school uniform
  • must be seated at all times except when boarding and leaving the bus
  • must not interfere with the property of other people or do anything to make their journey uncomfortable
  • should carry their bus pass at all times. Should a student lose their bus pass, they must make sure they go to Student Services at break or lunch-time

After school detentions

We have an electronic way of recording a student’s behaviour (both ‘good’ and ‘of concern’) within lessons and in general around the school.

Behaviour points are tracked and monitored by the heads of year, pastoral assistants and form tutors. At the start of each term the behaviour points are reset to zero, giving each student a ‘fresh start’ and the opportunity to show improvement in positive behaviours at school.

Behaviour sanctions pertaining to the points system:

  • Initial points – Picked up and responded to by Form Tutor
  • 4 points – Year Head lunchtime detention (letter home).
  • 8 points – Contact home (email, phone, letter). Subject to classroom progress reports, an ATL report card issued (Attitude To Learning).
  • 12 points – After school detention (letter home SLT with a request to contact the relevant HOY).
  • 15+ points – Parental meeting with IBP (an Individual Behaviour Support Plan (IBP) prepared to support a change to positive behaviour.
  • 18 points – 1 day internal isolation at school (contact with home to inform).
  • 21 points – Fixed term exclusion.

All after school detentions will be held on Thursdays from 3.30pm until 4.30pm and will be supervised by their Head of Year or a senior member of staff. We will, of course, inform you in writing should this situation arise.

Parents will need to collect their son/daughter after such a detention or make arrangements for them to get home safely. Depending on where you live, it may be possible for your son/daughter to get home via the after-school minibus which runs to Waterbeach, Landbeach, Rampton and Willingham. In order to do so, we would need written permission from you for them to travel on the minibus and then students must sign up in student services by lunch-time to reserve a seat on the date in question. Please note that there are limited seats on the minibus and they are allocated on a first come first served basis. As we also have after school clubs running on Thursdays, the seats do get taken quite quickly.


Students must ensure that they are on time to school in the morning (8.50am) and to each lesson during the day.

If students arrive at school after 9.05am in the morning, they must sign in at reception. Students will be marked late in the register and will need a note explaining the reason for their lateness.

Signing Out

Students are not normally allowed to leave the College premises during the school day.

If students need to leave the premises for any reason during the day, e.g. a dental visit, a letter from parents/carers must be given to the form tutor; students must sign out at Reception.

Illness and Accidents

Students should go to the first aid room if they are feeling unwell during the College day; this is located in the Student Services area.

Prescription medication to be taken during the College day must be taken to Student Services, clearly marked with the student’s name, dose required and when it should be taken.  Medication should be handed in first thing in the morning and not carried round College during the day.  The College does have paracetamol in tablet form which can be given for headaches etc providing permission has already been given on the student data sheet.

Mobile Phones/Electronic Devices

To eliminate distractions in lessons ensuring that students do not access inappropriate websites in school on their own electronic devices, mobile phones are banned form school during the school day. Staff are available before and after school to collect and hand back phones as required. Phones may only be brought to school following a request to do so which is done via the established routines for this. Parents are required to complete a CVC request form and submit to the headteacher for permission to bring a phone to school. Any student who brings a phone to school without permission will have their phone confiscated by staff and held securely until the parent/carer can come into school to collect it.