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Good attendance is vital if students are to achieve their full potential.

Parents have a legal responsibility to ensure regular and punctual attendance for their child/children. Any absences disrupt learning. There is a direct link between good attendance and high attainment: students do their best when they attend school regularly. This maximises the impact of the teaching and learning that students experience at the College. Post 16 Colleges and prospective employers also view good attendance and punctuality as significant indicators of positive attitudes to learning and they request such information in post 16 applications. Facts: ‘Good’ attendance is defined nationally as 95% or above. A day at school equals 2 sessions and there are 380 sessions in each academic year. 95% attendance equates to 10 days absence during the school year and 90% attendance equates to 20 days (i.e. 4 weeks absence)

Please click here for our Attendance Policy

Reporting an absence

Please phone Mrs Phipps in the Student Services office at the college on each day of an absence:

Holidays/time off during term time

In accordance with government guidelines, any time taken off during term term will be unauthorised, unless exceptional circumstances apply.  Exceptional circumstances can only be authorised by the headteacher and parents should put requests by completing an Application for Leave of Absence form available from the student services office.  Please allow plenty of time for your request to be considered where possible.

It is particularly important that students do not take time off in Years 10 and 11, as they have coursework deadlines, controlled assessments, exams etc.

Contacting your child/ren during the school day

Please do not text or call your son/ daughter during lesson times as this disturbs the learning taking place in class. Students must keep any electrical device in their school bag during lesson times, unless specifically told otherwise by the teacher if the devices are an integral part of the learning experience (e.g. taking a photo of their practical work for a portfolio of evidence).

Should you have an urgent message to communicate to your son/daughter, please contact School Reception in the first instance on 01954 288 944 and a message will be taken to your son/ daughter asking them to come down to Reception. Depending upon the urgency of the situation, students could be called to come to Reception straight away, at the end of the lesson or during break/ lunchtime.

Please follow this link to read Cambridge County Council information leaflet to parents about school attendance.