School Alerts

Internet Safety

At Cottenham we recognise how useful the internet is for education, however we are also fully aware of the potential dangers of misuse.

The development of the internet and communications technology on the whole creates excellent learning opportunities for our pupils. At CVC we take our responsibility to educate pupils to the highest standards, but we also must ensure that we are protecting everyone in our community from the potential risks arising from internet use.

As part of a whole school approach to personal development, of which e-safety is part of, pupils have lessons that help them to identify and manage the risks they may be exposed to via the internet, social media or their daily use of mobile communications. Staff also undertake regular safeguarding training which involves online safety so they can spot concerns and deal with them effectively.

Furthermore, the school has implemented a filtering and monitoring system as an added safeguarding measure. CVC is equipped with Sophos filtering software which includes a firewall that monitors and filters incoming and outgoing network traffic. Sophos’ main purpose is to allow non-threatening digital traffic in and to keep potentially dangerous digital traffic out. CVC also uses NetSupport DNA monitoring software which monitors the school network and identifies when a user triggers terminology that could indicate potential harmful or risky behaviours. Should this situation arise, staff will deal with it appropriately and parents/carers will be informed. Pupils are informed of the level of monitoring but also strategies they can use to keep themselves safe.

If you have any concerns surrounding your child’s use of the internet, please do contact us for support.

We have highlighted a number of useful websites below that may be of use to families.

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