School Alerts

Monday 19 and Wednesday 21 December 2022

As per the published timings in the school calendar which is published on the school website, we wanted to remind all parents that there will be an early closure on Monday 19 December and Wednesday 21 December.

On Monday 19 December, Year 11 will have their Progress Review meetings from 1.30pm-6pm. This is the chance for Year 11 families to meet with their child’s teachers to discuss their progress so far this year and what they can do to continue to make progress. These meetings will take place online via the School Cloud platform which we have previously used. A letter for Year 11 families with more detail about when and how to book appointments will be sent home next week.

The timing has been extended for this event to offer families more flexibility in terms of when they speak with staff, but also to ensure that any teachers who teach more than one Year 11 group has the time available to speak with every student they teach. Therefore, the school site will close for all CVC students from 12.25pm. However, online learning for students’ period 4 and period 5 lessons on that day will be provided via Teams. A letter with more detail will be sent home to all families next week.

Finally, a reminder that the school closes early on Wednesday 21 December for the Christmas holiday. Students will leave the site at the end of period 3 at 12.25pm.

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