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RESEARCH AT THE UNIVERSITY OF LIVERPOOL 2016 BY DR. Josie Billington has shown that books can have an influence on making life decisions and that’s one reason why we are keen to get all our students reading.

  1. 27% of the population have been inspired to make a positive change in their life from reading a book such as look for a new job
  2. 36% of the population have been inspired to go travelling by a book
  3. 20% have been motivated to take better care of their health by reading a book
  4. 19% of adults say books have given them the impetus they need to take up a new hobby

Cottenham Village College Learning Resources Centre Most Popular Resources – 11/03/2016

Rank   1    Title:         BURIED ALIVE!   Author:      WILSON Jacqueline

Rank   2    Title:         CREEPER, THE     Author:    JOHNSON Pete

Rank   3    Title:         THE BOOK THIEF   Author:  ZUSAK Markus

Rank   4    Title:         DIARY OF A WIMPY KID   A novel in cartoons   Author:     KINNEY J

Rank   5   Title:          Hunger Games Mockingjay    Author:         Collins, Suzanne

Rank   6   Title:          15 days without a Head    Author:    Cousins, Dave

Rank   7   Title:          ONE BOY, ONE DREAM, ONE CLUB .Author:       REILLY E.R.

Rank   8   Title:          SON OF SUPERMAN     Author:       CHAYKIN Howard

Rank   9   Title:          TELL ME NO LIES  Author:   BLACKMAN Malorie

Rank   10   Title:        BLOOD MONEY Author:       RYAN Chris

Reading Recommendations

Have a look at these Young Teens recommendations here. If you read one of these  come and tell me about it and we’ll do a review on it together.

Please follow this link to the Reading Challenge – Top 50 Librarian recommendations list.

Please follow this link to the Reading Challenge – 100 must reads – greatest novels list.

The Book Trust has suitable recommendations:

The School Library

The library is a very important part of the college, widely used by everyone.  We regard reading as being of paramount importance for students’ educational development and for that reason students and teachers are encouraged to be active users of the library. Not only do we believe that it is essential for young people to read widely but also that they should enjoy it and talk about it afterwards. Therefore, we are proud to have a spacious, well-stocked library in the heart of the school and we take every care to ensure that the young learners make their own choices and become independent readers.

We are keen to involve the students as much as possible in deciphering which books should be in our collection and we have a team of Library Monitors who assist in the library at break and lunchtimes. Resources also include a large ICT area and the learning environment can be used within lessons or during break and lunchtime, where the library is staffed to assist students and teachers in their work.

Designated library slots are given to classes, where teachers book slots and students have the opportunity to learn and use discrete library skills, such as using the dewy system, locating specific genres of books and retrieving information. The library provides a friendly teaching and learning environment and an open access independent study area. Extra-curricular activities and cultural displays also take place throughout the year to encourage a vibrant reading community and ensure that all students are competent and confident information users.

For further information please contact Mrs Hudson, College Librarian.