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Letter to Year 7 from the Principal

6th September 2023

Dear Parents of Year 7,

We have had a fantastic first day at Cottenham Village College with our new year 7 leaving a great impression on our staff. Your children arrived looking incredibly smart in their new uniforms. I do hope that you managed to get some nice photos of them for this important milestone. At break time, I circulated with the year group to find out about their first lessons at school and check how things were going. I have encouraged them to all be brave and speak to someone new that they do not already know from their primary school!

As a parent, it is difficult with the transition from primary to secondary school as suddenly there are a lot more adults involved, and information comes from many different sources in a larger school. Communication with our parents is important to us, we plan to send one update a week, in a Friday newsletter, so that you do not have to look through different sources of information. Occasionally, additional school communications may be sent on top of the newsletter, but we do try to minimise these to make life easier for everyone. This week, as we get set up for the new year, there will be more communications than a typical week. We also try to use our social media pages (Facebook and twitter) to share some photo updates during the week but will have to wait a little longer to include year 7 as we are waiting a few more forms to be returned from parents to give photo permissions.

Next week, you will receive a link to a Year 7 parents’ information evening video, where you will receive further information about any key dates for the year and information about our ways of working across the secondary school.

Your child has been introduced to their new Head of Year, Mr Gimson (, assistant head of year Miss Reynolds ( their form tutor and some of their subject teachers.

For your information, here are the list of tutors and their email addresses:

Tutor Group Form Tutor Contact email
7K Ms Smithson (English)

Ms Williams (Maths)

7L Mrs Clyde (Geography)
7M Miss Gonzalez (Languages – MFL)
7R Mr Whitehead (DT)
7S Mr Broomfield (Science and maths)
7T Miss Wynn (English)

Your child’s form tutor is your first contact at the school, should you need to get in touch. We aim to respond to emails within 72 hours.

I hope that your child had a good first day today at CVC. We look forward to working with you in partnership over the coming years.

Yours faithfully,

Zoe Andrews


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