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Letter to parents 14.6.2024

Dear Parents/Carers

Re: Uniform policy

We have unfortunately noticed a decline in standards of student appearance on the return to school after the May half term. Some key issues that we have noticed are students without their blazer, no tie, skirts that are not close to knee length, tights with visible ladders and/or holes and shirts that are not tucked in. Students should not be wearing any jewellery other than one stud in each ear lobe, and hoodies remain a prohibited item which should not be worn at school. Where students can temporarily wear PE kit to school, this should be the CVC PE uniform, as per the uniform policy. This arrangement will come to an end on Friday 21st June, with full uniform expected for all year groups from Monday 24th June for each school day.

We kindly ask that you review your child’s school uniform over the weekend and ensure that all items are correct as per our uniform policy. We will be clamping down heavily on this issue from Monday 17th June to ensure our expectations for personal appearance are met. This goes hand in hand with our expectations to have the correct equipment for learning.

All students can visit the boutique on entry to the school to borrow uniform items. There is no sanction for borrowing from the boutique prior to arriving at morning address or tutor time.

Should children arrive to form time without the correct uniform, a sanction will be applied. Depending on the severity of the uniform issue, this may mean issuing a detention and/or removal from lesson until a parent can bring the correct uniform items to school. Where appropriate uniform can be supplied by the school and the student refuses to cooperate with this, a student may receive a fixed-term suspension from school and the parent will need to collect the student from school.

Should any family be in a position of financial hardship and need to borrow uniform items to ensure their child has a full uniform, please contact your child’s form tutor or head of year and they can put support in place.

Yours faithfully,

Zoe Andrews


Cottenham Village College

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