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Letter from the Principal

28th October 2019

Dear Parents and Carers,

CVC has had a super start to the academic year with the Class 2019 achieving excellent outcomes, our recent 3-day Challenge Partner Review judged us to be outstanding and there have been many additional opportunities provided by staff for our students.  This term there are two charity fund raising events taking place at CVC this term, namely:

  • Children in Need on Friday 15th November 2019
  • National Christmas Jumper Day on Friday 13th December 2019

Children in Need: Friday 15th November 2019

The school will hold a non-uniform day on Friday 15th November for pupils to donate £1 to raise funds in support of Children in Need.

To confirm that the day remains a standard school day so all other normal expectations regarding wearing of sensible shoes and not wearing make-up or jewellery apply.

Donations will be collected during registration on Friday morning.

National Christmas Jumper Day: Friday 13th December 2019

Pupils can wear a Christmas jumper or a Christmas item e.g. tinsel and pupils are to donate £1.  The money raised will be donated to the local charity Twinkle Star Children’s Trust.

Early closure on Thursday 19th December 2019

As we progress towards the middle part of this term, I am writing to inform you that the school will close early at 12.40pm on the last day of term, Thursday 19th December 2019.  We have contacted the bus and taxi companies ahead of this.

Pupils will have four lessons including an end of term celebration assembly.

Adverse weather conditions

As we move into winter, I would like to take this opportunity to inform you of the procedure we will follow in the event of the school having to close at short notice/adverse weather conditions.

The decision to close the school will be made before 7am in the light of all available information, including weather/travel reports, consultation with staff local to CVC, advice from the Local Authority and other relevant sources. Once the decision is made it will be communicated in the following ways:

  • Parents/Carers will be contacted via Parent Mail.
  • There will be a message posted on the front of the school website.
  • Local radio stations will be informed to broadcast this information.

We will always endeavour to keep the school open and parents/carers should assume that the school is open unless the above communication has been actioned.

Thank you very much for your continued support.

Best wishes,

Helen Cassady, Principal

Key dates
Thursday 31st October 2019 Apprenticeship Information Evening
Thursday 7th November 2019 Year 11 Senior Maths ChallengeCertificate Evening (previous Year 11 students)
Friday 8th November 2019 Conference Day 1
Monday 11th to Friday 22nd November 2019 Year 11 Mock Exams
Thursday 14th November 2019 Parents’ Forum Meeting
Monday 18th November 2019 Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde day trip
Thursday 21st November 2019 Year 8 Parents’’ Evening KLM
Thursday 28th November 2019 Year 8 Parents’ Evening RST
Friday 29th November 2019 Training Day
Wednesday 4th December 2019 Romeo and Juliet theatre trip
Tuesday 10th December 2019 Maths Inspiration Talks in Cambridge
Thursday 12th December 2019 Year 11 Parents’ Evening
Friday 13th December 2019 Christmas Jumper Day
Monday 16th December 2019 Christmas Concert Rehearsals
Tuesday 17th December 2019 Christmas Lunch for StudentsChristmas Concert RehearsalsChristmas Concert Performance 6.30-7.30pm
Thursday 19th December 2019 Early Closure at 12.40pm
Friday 20th December 2019 to Friday 3rd January 2020 School Holidays
Monday 6th January 2020 Training Day
Thursday 9th January 2020 Year 10 Parents’ Evening
Wednesday 15th January 2020 GCSE Music Showcase
Thursday 23rd January 2020 Year 9 Preferences Evening
Wednesday 29th January 2020 Music Performance Exam
Tuesday 4th February 2020 Year 11 Photos
Thursday 6th February 2020 An Inspector Calls lecture day trip Year 9-11Intermediate Maths Challenge Year 9Year 9 Parents’ Evening KLM
Monday 10th February 2020 Year 8 & Year 9 Girls HPV Vaccinations
Thursday 13th February 2020 Year 9 Parents’ Evening RST
Monday 17th to Friday 21st February 2020 Half Term Holidays
Monday 24th February to Friday 6th March 2020 Year 11 Second Mock Examinations
Wednesday 4th March 2020 World Book Day Library EventsYear 8 French Experience Trip
Thursday 5th March 2020 Year 8 French Experience Trip
Friday 6th March 2020 Year 8 French Experience Trip
Wednesday 11th March 2020 Conference Day 2
Thursday 12th March 2020 Parents’ Forum Meeting
Tuesday 17th March 2020 Drama Showcase 6pm
Wednesday 18th March 2020 Year 10 Sports Leaders Year 3 Primary Festival 9-11amAn Inspector Calls theatre trip
Thursday 19th March 2020 Intermediate Olympiad and Kangaroo Maths Challenge Years 9-11Drama Showcase 6pm
Monday 23rd March 2020 Year 11 Mock Results Day
Thursday 26th March 2020 Year 11 Parents’ Evening 2
Thursday 2nd to Tuesday 7th April 2020 Berlin Trip
Monday 6th to Monday 17th April 2020 Easter Holidays
Thursday 23rd April 2020 Year 7 Parents’ Evening KLM
Monday 27th April 2020 Dance Show Rehearsals
Wednesday 29th April 2020 Dance Show 6pm
Thursday 30th April 2020 GCSE Art ExamJunior Maths ChallengeYear 7 Parents’ Evening RST
Friday 1st May 2020 GCSE Art Exam
Wednesday 6th May 2020 Year 9 Boys & Girls MenACWY and DTP Vaccinations
Thursday 10th May 2020 Conference Day
Friday 8th May 2020 Bank Holiday: 75th Anniversary of Victory in Europe Day
Monday 11th May 2020 Year 11 GCSE Examinations Start
Friday 15th May 2020 DoFE Practice Expedition (15-17th May)
Wednesday 20th May 2020 Parents’ Forum
Wednesday 20th May to Friday 12th June 2020 Year 10 Mock Examinations
Thursday 21st May 2020 Year 9 Sports Leaders Year 2 Primary Festival 9-11am
Monday 25th May to Fri 29th May 2020 Half Term Holidays
Monday 8th June 2020 Music Performance: Young Performers Recital 3.30-5pm
Tuesday 9th June 2020 Junior Olympiad and Kangaroo Maths Challenge Years 7-8
Thursday 11th June 2020 Parents’ Forum
Tuesday 16th June 2020 Year 9 Sports Leaders Year 4 Primary Festival
Thursday 18th June 2020 Year 6 Parents’ Information Evening
Friday 19th June 2020 Year 11 PromDoFE Final Expedition (19-21 June)
Thursday 25th June 2020 Year 9 Sports Leaders Year 1 Primary Festival 9-11amYear 10 Parents’ Evening 2
Monday 29th June 2020 Battle of the Bands previews at lunchtimeSummer Concert rehearsals
Tuesday 30th June 2020 Battle of the Bands previews at lunchtime
Wednesday 1st July 2020 Games Day / House Results
Thursday 2nd July 2020 Summer Concert Rehearsals
Monday 6th to Friday 10th July 2020 Primary Week / Year 10 Work Experience
Monday 13th to Friday 17th July 2020 Activities Week / Year 10 Work Experience
Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st July 2020 Training Days
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