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Letter from the Executive Headteacher and Headteachers of CVC and The Centre School

Dear Parent/ Carer,

We are writing to you to let you know that we are in discussions with Reach4 about joining their family of schools. We attach a letter from Libby Nicholas, the CEO of Reach4, which provides more information about their trust.

We are delighted with the progress made by both our schools in recent years. Both the village college (CVC) and the Centre School are rated as good by Ofsted and we have seen a significant improvement in standards of academic performance, behaviour and every other aspect of educational provision in recent years in both. We are also realistic that the future will bring many new challenges and we need to ensure that we act now so that we can provide our pupils with the very best educational opportunities in coming years. To this end, we have held discussions with a number of multi-academy trusts (MATs) about joining them or forming a strategic partnership with them.

After a great deal of very careful consideration, we are close to agreeing a strategic partnership with Reach4. We believe there are many advantages to this for us, not least of which is that CVC will be the lead secondary school in a newly established hub here in the east of England and that the Centre School will be the first special school in the Reach4 family. This will present some very significant opportunities for our staff and our pupils.

We know that your main concern as a parent or carer will be the implications of this decision for your son or daughter’s education. Let us reassure you that one of the reasons we have chosen Reach4 as our preferred option is that they state that “Headteachers run schools, the trust doesn’t”. This means that Stuart Lock remains as headteacher of CVC and Sue Raven as headteacher of the Centre School. Issues such as uniform, curriculum, behaviour policy and all other aspects of the day to day running of the schools remain with the headteachers, the senior staff and the governing bodies of the schools as they do now.

In order to provide you with more information, we will run 2 sessions for parents and carers at which you will be able to meet Libby, some of her senior colleagues and hear from us in more detail about our decision. These sessions will take place at 4pm and 6pm on Monday 13th March in the main hall at CVC. Please note that these meetings will replace the CVC Parents’ Forum meeting which had originally been scheduled for last month.

We hope to see you on the 13th March.

Very best wishes,

Steve Ellison, Executive Headteacher of Cottenham Academy Trust

Stuart Lock, Headteacher of Cottenham Village College

Sue Raven, Headteacher of The Centre School


Letter from Reach4

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