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GCSE Revision

Our evidence suggests that those students who regularly attend after school revision sessions stand a greater chance of achieving their target grade. Our data is actually starting to show that those who attend these sessions regularly achieve a grade higher than their target grade!

Recently we have been exploring the use of GCSEPods. All Year 10 and 11 students are provided with a GCSEPods account and many subjects make use of this revision tool. Students are assigned pods to watch and multiple choice quizzes to complete. Usage data and quiz scores are shared with class teachers so gaps in knowledge and common misconceptions can be addressed in class.

Although we do not direct students toward Seneca, it does offer a different set of revision tools that have been praised by students in the past. A solid range of visual and written revision resources are available for the AQA Geography GCSE at no cost.


A number of texts have been published to support students preparing for the AQA Geography examinations. While we do not use them in school we acknowledge that some of our students may benefit from them. Both Oxford Univeristy Press and CGP offer a selection of useful revision and practice books.






We thoroughly recommend owning a pack of revision cards from day one of the course. Past students have told us how useful it was to have regular access to them on long or short family journeys in the car or on the train etc. Possibly an activity for parents, carers, brothers and sisters to join in with! Wherever these cards are used they are undoubtedly a great tool for storing geographical information and aiding in its retrieval.

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