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Conference Day: 12th October 2022

7th October 2022

Dear parents/carers,

October 12th is the first of our Conference Days for 2022-23.  Conference Days are an opportunity to deliver some of the wider curriculum such as Personal Development, PSHE and Careers Education.  This year, much of this curriculum is delivered during tutor time for all year groups and fortnightly lessons for KS3 but we also supplement this with time on Conference Days to focus on areas of the Personal Development curriculum which are particularly pertinent and may need some more extended time to address.

Below is a brief overview of the key content being covered on 12th October.

Year 7 – Students will be focusing on the physical and emotional changes that are associated with going through puberty.    We will cover some of the main physical changes such as menstruation and the importance of maintaining good hygiene routines.  We hope this will ensure that all Year 7 have access to essential information about puberty. Year 7s will also have an opportunity to reflect on their first half term and get to know their forms better through some creative activities. They will also have the opportunity to do some first aid.

Year 8 – Please can all year 8s come to school in PE kit.  In keeping with the theme of the half term which is peer pressure and substance use/misuse, Year 8 students will look at the risks and dangers associated with vaping, appropriate ways to behave on social media, protected characteristics, use of appropriate language as well as some reminders on how to stay healthy through a fitness circuit and ways to use time in a healthy way.

Year 9 – Students will focus on a range of areas that link to their theme of the half term which is peer pressure and risk. They will be discussing positive peer pressure, anti-social behaviour, protected characteristics, safe ways of communicating and ways to avoid/deal with sharing of inappropriate content, sexual harassment and consent and they will also have the chance to do some first aid.

Year 10 – Students will have a day dedicated to the theme of the half term which is Mental Health. They will cover topics that relate to new challenges, recognising signs of mental ill-health, reframing negative thinking, how to maintain wellbeing while studying and how to deal with change or loss.

Part of the PHSE curriculum for Key Stage 4 allows an opportunity to consider how we cope with loss and change.  This includes considering how to support someone who may be bereaved.  We recognise that this may be a sensitive topic for students and would not want to cause individuals any distress. Please let us know if your child has been recently bereaved, or if there is any other relevant information you would like us to know in advance so that we can support your child.

Year 11 – Students have been thinking about their next steps this half term and their conference day will provide them with the opportunity to consider future careers. We have guests from a variety of different careers providers who will be speaking to the students. They will have the opportunity to ask questions as well. During the day one of their sessions will be to cover the statutory requirements to deliver RPE to KS4 students.

Please do ask the students about what they have learned across their Conference Day.

Thank you for your continued support.

Kath Goudie (Vice Principal), Alexandra Farzad (PSHE Curricular Lead) and Nicola Bussingham (RSE Curricular Lead)


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