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How to apply for a place in Year 7:

The admissions process is coordinated by the Local Authority’s admissions policy and procedures and parents should apply online direct to Cambridgeshire Local Authority (LA) no later than the LA deadline; the end of October each year.  The LA will issue offer letters on the 1st March (or the first working day after) to confirm places to start the following September as Year 7 students.  Late applications (submitted between the October deadline and the end of the coordination period) will be handled by the LA Admissions Team.

Cambridgeshire County Council (LA) Admissions Team website:Cambridge School Admissions

Cambridgeshire Admissions contact details:

Tel: 01223 699 200


Cottenham Village College’s admissions information

Admissions Policy 2024-25

How to apply for a place in Years 8, 9, 10 and 11:

Cambridgeshire Local Authority have an in-year application process and parents must complete the LA in-year application form and return this to the Admissions Team via the contact details provided above. The LA admissions team can advise on which LA schools may have places available for in-year admissions.

Admissions Policy 2023-24

In-year admissions (moving schools) – Cambridgeshire County Council

Appeals information

Cambridgeshire Local Authority deal with all school appeals processes for Cottenham Village College places. Further information about the appeals process, including relevant timelines, can be found Cambridgeshire County Council Admission Appeals.

There is no charge to parents for appeals. Full details of the appeals process are outlined on the web link.

CVC Admission Policy Determination

The College has now determined the Admissions Policy 2025/2026 see link for further details:

Admissions Policy CVC 2025-26

If you would like more information about Cottenham Village College please contact the school: 01954 288 767 or


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